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About Us

  • Our Burden and Call

    God placed me in a Wounded Warrior unit in 2008 when I underwent surgery in Colorado Springs, Co outside of FT Carson. I was there for almost two years. During that time of convalescence the commander of the unit gave me an office and opportunity to counsel and conduct Bible studies with soldiers that were at the unit for healing purposes. During that almost two years I counseled with scores of soldiers, their dependents and conducted Bible studies that had to do with healing from trauma, biblically.

    When I was deemed fit to return to duty, I was transferred to Ft Meade, Md where I made contact with another Wounded Warrior unit. Conducted more studies and counseled more soldiers. It was there that I found that the distribution of literature would be one of the most effective ways of getting the Word of God out to them.

    Upon leaving the service in 2012, I came upon Armed Forces Baptist Missions and it reignited the burden I had had during my active years.

    I believe God has called me to find, counsel, leave material with and get these service members (SM) to local Bible believing churches where they can experience spiritual healing that will in
    turn lead to mental and physical healing.

  • Our Goal

    1. To reach the estimated 365,000 service members with PTSD with the gospel through personal one-on-one contacts that are initiated by tracts and pamphlets distribution while assisting local churches in local communities where these SM’s would be found (at and around military installations).

    2. Assisting local churches with outreach and discipleship of those military and family members wishing assistance.

    3. To reach out to those veterans who are active in local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) chapters with material that can assist them in coming off drug and alcohol addictions.

    4. Also, outreach to Veterans Administration hospitals.

    5. Bringing these same materials to those serving in our communities as hometown recruiters. Many of them are usually away from the military support systems so many are accustomed to.

    6. Finally, assisting with family member issues where possible.

  • Our Emphasis

    To help those with Post Traumatic Stress. Issues range from addictions to drugs and alcohol. Purposelessness, paranoia, nightmares, anger, and the many challenges that those with PTSD face.

    The first target is the servicemen and women of those areas that are in or near military installations, and where there is an independent Bible believing church nearby. Having already worked extensively with local churches and as a military chaplain, I am well acquainted with the military environment and unique challenges and ways of communicating by those in uniform.

    Our first task will be to write tracts and pamphlets that address the particular needs of the PTSD’d SM.

  • Our Info

    Wayne & Terri Keast
    4613 Community Center Rd
    Walkertown, NC 27051
    Cell Phone: 719-271-0032

    Gospel Light Baptist Church
    890 Walkertown Guthrie Rd
    Walkertown, NC 27051
    Home Phone: 336-722-9700

    Armed Forces Baptist Missions
    3252 Taylor Rd
    Chesapeake, VA 23321
    Missions Director: Doug Carragher
    Office Phone: (757) 488-1799

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